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Family Photo Album2

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Family Photo Album
Family Photo Album2

These are pictures of the kids in care



She used to always have a smile.  Still looks like an angel hope she doesn't forget im still her mommy and always will be.


Willow and Daddy

This was at the end of the visit.  Willow didn't want to leave she wanted to come home with us.  Promised I would be  back next week to see her and that I loved her and miss her everyday.  I think it made her cry more that she couldn't come home.



That was the best smile I could get out of her.  Not normal for her to be this quiet.



Lilly's best attempt at a smile.  She is normally quite shy though.

More family photos

I added the above link to a family photo album because here I am running out of space, so feel free to take a look over there.